1. Dry Type Transformer
    2. Dry Type Transformer Dry type transformers are divided into SCB10 cast resin dry type transformers and SGB10 dry type transformers. Due to good fire-proof performance, they can be installed in load center areas to reduce voltage loss and power loss.
    1. Oil Immersed Transformers
    2. Oil Immersed Transformers Oil immersed transformers refers to transformers whose bodies composed of cores and winding are immersed in oil tanks full of transformer oils. They adopt transformer oil for insulation, and the circulation of oil inside transformers...
    1. Medium Voltage Switchgear
    2. Medium Voltage Switchgear Shengte is a professional manufacturer of power distribution equipment and with over 10 years of experience, we can produce high quality and reliable medium voltage switchgears which are widely used for controlling or protecting in the...
    1. Unit Substation
    2. Unit Substation Substations are places used to change voltage, control and distribute power. They are prefabricated compact indoor, outdoor power distribution equipment which are composed of high-voltage switchgears, transformers...
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Devoted to the customization and production of oil immersed transformers, dry type transformers, unit substation and integrated high and low voltage electrical equipment.

Here at Shengte, we are a professional manufacturer of high efficiency power distribution products, including oil immersed transformers, dry type transformers, unit substation and integrated high and low voltage electrical equipment. Since 2012, our products have been widely installed in hospitals, residential areas, malls, petrochemical plants, and airports. We can also customize various transformers and high and low voltage electrical equipment according to your requirements upon request.

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    Dedicated to the development of energy efficient power transmission and distribution equipment, Guangdong Shengte Electric Co. is a forward looking enterprise helping to revolutionize the industry. We produce oil immersed transformers, cast resin dry type transformers, open style transformers, pad-mounted transformers, prefabricated substations, and high and low voltage integrated electrical equipment. The world needs ways to maximize the efficiency of their power distribution systems and our products offer an excellent solution to this issue. If you browse our equipment and cannot find what you need, we can work with you to provide custom solutions based on your individual requirements. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Made and Assembled in DongGuang

    Our production facility covers an area of 10000m2, and we specialize in the production of a series of power system products. We can even customize equipment to satisfy the demands of customers with various requirements.

    The Shengte office is a quiet, comfortable working environment for our staff. We have 40 team members, 10 of whom are experienced technicians and work hard on the customization of your desired products. We have an R&D center, technology training center (training for our own staff and customers) and a quality control center.